I've restored 6 historic properties and divide my time between different cities. But in 2012, I bought an abandoned 1850's farm in NY to sequester myself from the noise of the human beehive and focus on writing philosophy again. I've restored and planted it with 23 different fruit trees and over 100 grape and berry vines. Each year I hybridize new vegetable strains from heirloom varieties. Follow The Philosophy Farm on Facebook here.


Sping has sprung at The Philosophy Farm. Sad to report that the deers that we protected last year destroyed the young fruit trees. 5/12/17

Luckily the vineyard is doing well and blooming out by the barns. 5/12/17

Autumn in New York. The view from my office window. 10/9/16

On their daily sunset romp in the grass. 8/30/16

I returned to a beautiful sunset the day after my birthday party. 8/21/16

After the longest drought since I took on the farm, we finally got some rain and things are turning green again. 8/14/16

Her baby has been sleeping in the field for the last week and she comes by everyday around 5pm to find her. 6/10/16

The newborn fawn, about 2' tall, sleeping in the field. 6/7/16

Spring snapshots, 5/3 & 5/5/16. A sea of dandelions.

Winter snapshot, 1/24/16.

Images from June 2015.
So many wild flowers, that the air smells like candy. The young fruit trees and vines are beginning to bare fruit.

Images from June 2014.

Fall Colors beginning, 9/28/13.

Sunset over the new, 126 vine grape trellis, 7/24/13.

Before establishing the orchard & vineyard, Winter 2012.

Before establishing the orchard & vineyard, Autumn 2012.

Various harvest photos of some of my hybrids...

"Zombie Brain" Tomatoes

"Ghost Carrots"

"Vampire's Kiss" Tomatoes

Some of the apples from the first harvest in 2015

Harvesting maple syrup

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