This is a listing of my experimental feature films and some of the music videos I've directed for Sony, Capital, A&M, SST, IRS, Work Group, Almo Sounds/Interscope & CBS Records.Commissions with cultural value may contact my production company, Euphoria Pictures.

The feature film, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".


"The Resurrection of Beauty" is Mark Miremont's non-linear, experimental film featuring: Dita Von Teese, Madeliene Horn, Eliza Bane, Cardinal Cyn, Puma Swede, Lorraine Sisco, Pason and several models from his photography work. It is an ongoing project that has thus far been shot in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Noord-Holland & The Dominican Republic. Planned shoots in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Florida & Thailand will finish the film. A 60 minute version premiered at the world's largest annual alternative fashion event, Wasteland in Amsterdam. The promoter built a special cinema for it in the event's arena which held an audience of over 6000 people. The film currently runs just over 105 minutes in length and will continue to evolve as it is added too. It can only be seen at special events and each screening will be a different version of the film. It will never be available for purchase.
Directed, produced, photographed & edited by Mark Miremont

THE WHITE OCEAN production stills
The experimental feature film, "The White Ocean" was developed through Robert Redford's Sundance Institute. Filmed in Panavision on 35mm, black & white, principle photography has been completed and the film has been archived until its planned release in 2032. It stars: Hermas Lassalle, Natalie Karp (Natural Born Killers), Dennis King Kizer, Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), Chris Douridas (Morning Becomes Ecclectic), Gyula Gazdag (A Hungarian Fairy Tale), Agon Kafka, Lloyd Otto, Kerol Rae, Micheal Jay Aronovitz, Bruce Bowdler & many others.
Written, produced & directed by Mark Miremont


The experimental feature film, "Carnival of Desires" is a collection of eight short films which play as one. Each film explores a different theme related to desire and according to AVN, it is a "glittering and unbelievably hypnotic dreamscape" with "Felliniesque moments of Technicolor fantasy". The initial release of 20,000 dvds has sold out.
Directed, produced & photographed by Mark Miremont


LYKKE LI & BRIAN ENO "Tomorrow (adrift mix)"

"automatic" & "gasket" Sony Music

SOUNDGARDEN "flower" SST Records

GREN "she shines" IRS/Capital Records

ECHOSTREAM "shadow on the cloud"

LAZLO BANE, ft. Colin Hay "overkill" Almo Sounds/A&M/Interscope Records

TOAD THE WET SPROCKET "one little girl" CBS Records

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