I am very lucky to have worked with the most amazing women in the world. Their beauty, both inside and out, is what inspired me to to pick up a camera and capture these moments in time. I am blessed to call many of them my friends to this day.


"One of the finest glamour photographers working today! Take it from someone who knows! Posing for Mark Miremont was a unique and rewarding experience. Mark is blazing a trail into the future of photography."
- Mamie Van Doren

"Mark is a true gentleman. The more I grow to know him, the more lovely he becomes. Every moment I've spent with Mark, whether on a photo shoot, hanging out after a club, or attending events, has been filled with nothing but mutual respect and appreciation. An eye for beauty in all things, an incredibly talented artist, a lover of life: Mark is an inspiration... but most of all, someone I can truly say I am blessed to call my friend."
- Elayssa

"Working with Mark was one of the best experiences I've ever had as a model. He made me feel absolutely beautiful and completely comfortable. He truly understands and conveys the delicate nature of true beauty in the essence of his work. He captured my image in a way no one else could. He is a master artist of photography."
- Madelina Horn

"Besides being a dear friend, Mark continues to amaze me with his photography. His images are romantic and surreal. Modeling for Mark is like jumping into a painting where colors explode, fantasies are revealed and beauty is captured."
- Lana Landis

"Mark is truly a unique artist, not just a photographer. His imagescapture the sensuality of women without being overtly sexual. Not only is he an easy going and nice guy, but I never felt weird being half naked in front of him, which speaks to his professionalism. THANK YOU Mark for adding such wonderful unique images to my portfolio, I can't wait to work with you again!"
- Teresa Noreen

"I don't remember how I met Mark. All I do remember is showing up at a not so glamorous hotel. Thinking this isn't really pretty, but I'm open. He did my make up, another talent of his, and we started shooting. When we were done I went my way. I remember when I met him to see the shots I was amazed at how beautiful and exciting the pictures were. I was like WOW all this in that ugly bathroom. I was hooked and couldn't wait to do it again. Round two was even better than the first. I can't wait for my third charm. Thank you for making me beautiful! You truly are a talented man!"
- April Flowers

"The gem in a pile of rocks. Truly extraordinary to work with and... I look forward to our next photographic encounter."
- Lucretia Stone

"Mark is amazing to shoot with - fast, furious and fun just like a man should be! But the pics come out so sweet and serene. The dichotomy is tantalizing."
- Julie Strain

"When Mark asked me to work with him my heart leapt out of my chest. His vision takes my breathe away. He knows how to capture the beauty of every woman and bring their spirit into his work."
- Nikki Vega

"Mark puts his heart and soul into what he loves and never gives up on what he believes in. He is truly dedicated and passionate not only towards his work, but also towards life. Knowing him has greatly changed my life."
- Allie Edison

"Working with Mark always makes me feel like a beautiful doll on a pedestal (a sexy one of course!) He truly cherishes women and creates ultimate fantasy images that still have a realness coming through that makes them seem attainable. This is a very intriguing and unique combination"
- Eliza Bane

"As a first time model, working with Mark was a truly pleasurable experience. The serene surroundings, angelic colors and beauty of his art reflect the heart of a true friend I feel fortunate to have worked with."
- Rena

"Mark has an impeccable eye for beauty and an amazing talent for capturing it on film. He is very patient and respectful and makes me feel completely at ease. It is always a pleasure to work with him. I am truly honored to be able to call him my friend."
- Kate

"I was flattered when Mark asked me to do some photos for his book. I was so taken by his charm and personality. He is a true artist and a true gentleman. I hope someday we can work together again and have some fun. You were my favorite fan at the club. Thank you for your support and making me feel special in a time of struggle. Performing and looking pretty is hard work. Especially if you enjoy it. xoxo "
- Kitty Cadillac

"Mark has a very unique style that transcends itself into his work. His eye for beauty and ability to capture that in his work is unparalled! Apart from this creative talent, Mark is a wonderful person with a great personality and a pleasure to be around. It is not common to come across people that are incredibly talented and that have a heart and soul that is as beautiful as his work!"
- Just Linda

"It has been an absolute privilege and a pleasure to meet and work with Mark Miremont, he is a artistic genius and a genuinely awesome individual. Each click of the camera is like a paintbrush creating a fine piece of art ... every image is visual poetry. He is a true master of his craft!"
- Bombshell Mandy

"Mark is an amazing talent and incredible human being. He was a joy to work with!"
- Dawne

"Shooting with Mark was a pleasure. Easy, fun, and very fruitful. He brings his impeccable style to everything he does, and the pictures were amazing."
- Nandi

"Not only is Mark an artistic visionary, but his personality glows like all the brilliant and vivid colors that are captured in his work. The passion he has for living shines through in his work, and anyone who has seen a Mark Miremont print can feel this. On a personal level, this is how I see the world when I am around Mark, full of color, decadence, and possibility. Mark finds the beauty in life, makes it more beautiful, and then shares it with the world."
- Pamela Walt

"Working with Mark was such a pleasure! It was so much fun watching his creation come together! I felt like we were shooting in our own little fantasy world. It was such a wonderful experience!"
- Sabrina

"Mark is an amazing man - talented in so many ways only a fraction to which we all get to see. His strongest virtues are loyalty and dedication- a dear friend to me."
- Risa

"Mark is one of the sweetest guys ever!! This was one of my first nude shoots and he made me feel comfortable and at ease. I love Mark and cant wait for my next shoot!!"
- Shelly Martinez

"Mark is truly amazing as a photographer, as a person, and as a friend. His photography is some of the most unique I have ever seen, and I love that I have been able to work with him because he makes it such a fun, memorable experience, and the photos are so beautiful."
- Kendra Roth

"Meeting and shooting with Mark introduced me to the wonderful world of vintage pinup, which I am now fascinated with more than ever. If it wasn't for him, I may never have shot this style of photography, or really appreciated it. His work is beautiful, and to him, I am grateful to have learned about the original pinups and to keep their tradition alive! I look forward to our next shoot!"
- Dillon Thomas

"A true artist. A gentleman. A professional."
- Sophia

"Mark Miremont ...... in a word... magnificent. In several words.....Mark is a man with vision, integrity, drive, desire, and incredible talent who's work reaches a calibre of excellence that remains unparalleled. I admire him and adore him on so many levels. In a world of blas, Mark is the magic that turns snap-shots into photographic art. I am truly fortunate to have worked with him and even more blessed to be able to call him my friend."
- Kay O'Hara

"Mark is an amazing man, filmmaker and photographer. It is such a pleasure to create art with him, since he has this wonderful talent to make a model feel like the most beautiful, precious gem in the world."
- Ingela

"One of the best photographers around and a great tour guide! I had a blast hanging out with him. I can't wait to do it again!
- Angela Ryan

"Through Mark 's eyes I became a glamorous star! His love for pinup mixed with his great eye and style will keep this art form alive!"
- Jorie Lodes

"Working with Mark is awesome! He has such an amazing eye for beauty and is just a great artist all around. Very much a pleasure to work with and I would do it again and again and again!"
- Natalie

"Working with Mark Miremont is BAD ASS! I like doing super sneaky photo shoots, and he is down for that. Super sneaky as in sneaking into a hotel ballroom and doing a naked photo shoot! I highly recommend working with Mark Miremont."
- Masuimi Max

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