Miremont Wallpainting
My first public creative work was street art. I anonymously produced 300 Black Star & Word paintings in public spaces all over Los Angeles and San Francisco, along side Joey "LA Phantom" Krebs, Keith Haring and Robbie Conal. This was back when doing this work could get you shot by gang members and before "outsider art" was recognized as a legitimate genre. My final piece was a 100 foot long painting on the side of The Museum of Contemporary Art's Temporary Contemporary in LA. It remained exhibited there for over 2 years. More of this work will be posted here in the future, now that the statute of limitations has lapsed.

Miremont Assemblage
After working in street art, and prior to taking up film & photography, I created a series of assemblages. These works of wood, glass, doll heads, barbed wire, latex & blood are all in private collections now.

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